The reflection of a community transformation through education

Our ESCALA program is making a difference at the Rural School Carlos García Mayorca, contributing that all students stay in school.

The reflection of a community transformation through education

Every morning, Jennifer Quintero looks into the mirror at the entrance of the Rural School Carlos García Mayorca in Cordobita (Ciénaga, Magdalena). She envisions her future as a mature woman capable of realizing her dreams. She sees herself studying and preparing for a promising future. Between reality and the aspirations for a better tomorrow, her school day begins.

Four years ago, Jennifer joined this school, since then,  she has experienced positive changes in her attitude towards teachers, classmates, and life itself. She has successfully shared these new experiences and perspectives with her family, overcoming the challenges that education faces in her territory.

Certainly, Jennifer is not alone in this journey of growth and improvement,  leaders, teachers, parents, and classmates join her, participating in the activities of the ESCALA program, building a sense of community.

Every Tuesday, during 45-minute sessions led by teachers, experiences and reflections about handling emotions are shared, challenging deep-seated beliefs.

«My experience with Fundacion Barco methodology has been very positive. I have never participated in something like this in another school, It has been beneficial for both me and the school.. I believe I have improved as a person, as a student, and I’ve seen changes in my classmates», explains Jeniffer.

Over the past year, Fundación Barco, through its ESCALA program and the ‘Paso a Paso’ methodology, have effectively nurtured socio-emotional competencies in students, highlighting the dedication of teachers and school leaders.

According to Jessica Cardona, our promoter  for this initiative, «the idea is to involve all stakeholders, not just students but also teachers, administrators, and families, in reducing dropout rates from 8th to 11th grade.»

The process begins with teachers receiving materials to plan sessions, fostering creativity and building stronger connections with students, creating a safer and more productive learning environment. «It’s beautiful because it challenges them (students) in how they relate to others and how they face the challenges they want to overcome.»

These tools benefit  the emotional growth of students who have faced challenges and adversity. Thanks to our ESCALA program, they have transformed into courageous students with hopes of building a future and the vision of giving back to the community.

Jennifer reflects on her journey, and understands her role ,stating, «Before this experience, I was a very confrontational person.  To be honest , I didn’t even like being contradicted. Thanks to ‘Paso a Paso,’ I’ve been able to manage my emotions much better and improve my connection with teachers.»

Now, every afternoon as Jennifer leaves the institution, she stops in front of the mirror. With a smile, she looks into her eyes, surprised to see her reflection resembling more and more the image her mind creates of her future self.

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